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MAG/NET Double-Click Consumes All

I really don't know why Microsoft doesn't just assume that everything is a double-click.

Particularly in MAG/NET drawing tools (which I use a lot) the interface is becoming ever more sensitive to double-click.  Double-click, of course, equates to editing the text of the object; which you do want to do a lot, but not when you don't want to do it.

These are ways you can now double-click on an object to open edit text:
  • click + click
  • shift-click + click
  • ctrl-click + click
  • click + ctrl-click
  • ctrl-click + ctrl-click
Basically, pretty much anytime you twice wave a mouse-click in the direction of an object, you're getting picked up as a double-click.

Okay, you say, don't do that.  My response is: How?
  • Click, move the mouse several pixels away and click again: Nope. That's close enough to be recognized as a double-click.  In most of the drawing interfaces, 1 pixel off is too far to select an object (odds are, it won't select the object if you're clicking right on it, much less 1 pixel off of it). But these days, close counts for horseshoes, hand grenades, large scale thermonuclear devices and double-click.
  • Wait before clicking again: Nope. If you're in the same place, two clicks 3 seconds apart (count 'em: 3 seconds!) count as a double-click.

No, you must either:

  • Click, then wait at least 3½ seconds before clicking again.
  • Click, then move the mouse at least a cursor-width on the screen before clicking again.
Otherwise, MAG/NET is sure you meant to double-click.