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MAG/NET Keep 'em guessing

Another aspect of MAG/NET is the "keep 'em guessing" messaging interface.

Once upon a time, I had an Outlook Archive that was moved to a new name. Now, first of all, MAG/NET always helps you (see Help the Idiot) except when you really want it of course. So when I moved the archive, Outlook didn't bother to change folders that were configured to archive to the old location; it left the archive for those pointing at nothing.

Okay, I had automatic archiving set up, so the day after I did this (the first time auto archiving ran), Outlook's MAG/NET interface presented me with this informative message:

The action failed to complete. The action failed to complete.

Seriously. Exactly that. Twice, just to make sure its true nothingness of importance was impressed on my brain. (It was several days before I finally discovered, by exhaustive review of my settings, why I was getting this message.)

MAG/NET is crawling with such uninformative gems. After all, if they gave you informative information, you might think...and thinking is bad. Better to give you something that will keep you in the dark.

I plan to add more such messages, as I see them, but this is a new effort and I don't currently have a record.