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Why This Site

One of the downsides of Google Blogger is that you are only permitted to have twenty standalone pages (that are not blog articles). I want my Blog to be my home site, but after creating an About Me, Family Links, and a This and That page, I've already used 1/7th of my available pages.

At this point, I can hear you saying, "Okay, that's clear as mud: You still have 17 more."  That's true, but I would really rather that "This and That" be 4 separate pages (which takes me to 7) and I have 33 pages in my Kitties site alone.  Put in that context, I hope it's clear why I want another place to put pages that just don't fit in Blogger.

It's okay that they don't fit there; that's not what Blogger is for. But that means I have these separate Google Sites domains for additional pages.  One for my Kitties, which I wanted to be a standalone site, one for other pages, and a site for my stand-alone resume page.